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Tour Cayuga: Digital tourism application highlights county’s top destinations

AUBURN – The Cayuga County place of work of Tourism unveiled an e-learning program that requires people over a digital excursion as a result of well known county tourism locations.

The program was created for tourism personnel – which include individuals at historic websites, hotels and restaurants – to utilize to broaden their knowledge with the tourism sector while in the county, Cayuga County Tourism Government Director Meg Vanek said. The county labored with Andrea Bornheim of VantEdge e-Learning to generate this system. Vanek explained Cayuga County is definitely the very first county while in the region, and perhaps even the point out, to provide this type of e-learning system.

„The purpose will be to have entrance line staff and volunteers representing the county in a constant way, being aware of what the positives plus the property are and trying to offer the county to raise earnings. We would like to extend tourism and increase tourism in the region,“ Bornheim explained Thursday to a group of county tourism leaders symbolizing websites like the port Byron Old Erie Canal Heritage park, the Hilton Backyard garden Inn and also the Merry-Go-Round playhouse Yan XU

This system is free to utilize and anyone who’s intrigued will take the system to know more about tourism while in the county – they do not really need to work inside the tourism business. Those who complete the five-module system will receive a $25 gift card of their picking out from your Fargo, Straightforward Roast Coffee, Dunkin‘ Donuts or an Auburn downtown present certification. Any business enterprise that receives 20-percent or even more of its workforce to endure the coaching will get a no cost highlight inside the 2019 Cayuga County people manual.

As a result of the five interactive modules, people will probably be taken with a tour from the county’s wineries and culinary sites, historic and cultural web pages and leisure offerings. Every module normally takes about quarter-hour to finish and consists of video clips, games and quizzes. Sites including the Inns of Aurora, Seward Residence, Emerson park and the Sterling Renaissance Competition are highlighted to the digital tour.

This system is ideal accessed over a laptop computer, desktop or tablet and calls for quite possibly the most up-to-date variations of Google Chrome, World wide web Explorer or Microsoft Edge to run. The program might be accessed on the sensible mobile phone, Bornheim stated, but is not responsive so it is going to appear tiny and will not be pretty much as good of an encounter.

The program took a year to acquire and cost $10,000. It can price $10,000 annually to maintain this system, Vanek reported.

„I’m actually proud that you just ended up capable to put this collectively,“ Cayuga County Director of Setting up and Economic Advancement Steve Lynch mentioned.

Vanek explained she still incorporates a great deal of operate to accomplish to advertise this system and get individuals to take the system.

„I’m really fired up concerning the application but now my massive focus is selling it to our partners and getting them to choose it due to the fact it could be probably the most lovely plan on the planet however, if I don’t get people today to acquire it then it can be not been worthy of although,“ she reported. „I nonetheless have got a large amount of do the job to perform but it’s operate I am pleased to try and do.“

To access the program, visit and click over the „partners“ tab within the leading from the web site. people enthusiastic about utilizing the program can call Vanek at (315) 255-1658 with questions or feedback.

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