How scary is the amount of bacteria on a towel? If you want to be completely sterilized, please collect these 3 tips

Towel is a common cleaning supplies in the living environment, but the use of time will be attached to a large number of Chinese grease, bacteria and mites, if they do not do a good job of disinfection management work, will trigger a series of students‘ skin appeared problems. The number of bacteria on the towel is you never thought, can develop to see the main distribution of bacteria on the towel.

What is the distribution of bacteria on towels?

Per square centimeter, the new towel population is 100 orders of magnitude and the 3-month towel population is 10,000 orders of magnitude.

Can I disinfect with alcohol spray?

Alcohol can be used to disinfect towels, but only 75% concentration of medical alcohol is effective for different disinfection work. If used to soak disinfected towels, you need to ensure that the towels are dry before soaking so as not to allow the moisture on the towels to pass through to reduce the concentration of alcohol produced, thus producing a disinfection treatment effect that affects the business. In addition to disinfection with alcohol, you can also try the following teaching methods yourself.

1、Steam disinfection method

Towels can be disinfected by steam.

2、Ultraviolet disinfection

UV disinfection method is simple and time-free without artificial. Disinfection by UV lamp, UV can kill general bacteria and viruses, can directly disinfect the surface of contaminated towels, the lamp surface can not exceed one meter, 1.5 to 2 cm around the lamp body disinfection is effective, disinfection time can not be less than two hours.

3、Chemical disinfection method

Chemical disinfection method is the use of chemical disinfectants, with a dilution of 200 times the cleaning disinfectant, soak the towel in the solution for half an hour, and then take out the water with the towel to rinse, must ensure that the residual disinfectant removed, and then dry.

Warm Tips

Towels need special treatment, the number of towels used per person per day should be 3 ~ 5. At the same time, attention should be paid to towel hygiene and disinfection of towels once a week, and wet towels should not be hung directly in the ventilated bathroom.

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